Made in india

At Ziaho, we stand at the forefront of chocolate making, with an audacious vision of creating a global brand that reimagines the modern Indian. Through meticulous craftsmanship, innovative flavour pairings and an unwavering passion for quality, we strive to enable every individual to find joy and delight in our products.

With every product that bears our name, we take you through an enriching journey through India’s diverse culinary heritage. With every bite of our chocolate bars that you savour, we take you through an indulgent experience of the velvety chocolate that melts in your mouth. Paired with fruits, spices, nuts and more, our chocolates will leave you with a rich aftertaste that you’d wish would last forever.

Experience Ziaho and join us in scripting the Indian chocolate story.

Made in india

The Founding Team



Karan Tejani is Ziaho’s ambitious entrepreneur and co-founder. A driving factor behind the brand's creative approach to chocolate artistry, Karan's business acumen paired with his technical knowledge about chocolate making serves as the foundation for Ziaho.



Nisha Tejani is the creative visionary and co-founder of Ziaho Chocolates. She brings a unique blend of design sensibilities and culinary passion that infuses Ziaho's chocolates with a distinct visual and delectable appeal.

Our Brand Story

Our Brand Story

Production Process

It takes a team - albeit a small one - trained for months to meticulously deliver the rich, smooth, velvety chocolate that you savour every time you have Ziaho. Watch glimpses of how cacao beans go through a journey themselves to offer you adelightful experience with uncompromising quality in every bite.

Founder’s Choice

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Our beans are sourced from cacao plantations in South India.