1. How can I know which flavour is for me?

Chocolate flavours are a matter of personal preference. If you’re one for experimentation, we recommend that you try some of our unique flavours such as the Mango and Chilli, Gooseberry, Pina Colada or Modak. If you enjoy bitter and fruity notes, try the 70% dark chocolates such as 3 Berry, Banana with Jaggery or Orange and Candied Ginger. If you prefer something milder and creamier, try our range of milk chocolates that will definitely not disappoint you. And if you wish to enjoy the sweet rush of chocolates, start with our Strawberry and Strawberry and then try the Coconut Milk or the unique Modak flavoured bar.

2. Will the chocolates melt by the time they reach me?

We do our best to ensure that you receive the bar in the best possible condition for consumption. However, due to our high summer temperatures or longer logistical routes, the bars may sometimes reach you in a melted manner. Reach out to us in such a case and we would be happy to redeliver chocolates for your best experience.

3. Where else can I find or order your chocolates?

Currently, you can only purchase our chocolates through our website. Additionally, you can find our full range of chocolates for purchase at our Experience Centre and at Hotel Dreamland in Mahabaleshwar.

4. Can you create a gift box with my choice of chocolates?

Yes, we can select your choice of chocolates for your gift box, so that you are able to gift your friends, your families and your people, the flavours you love.

5. Do you add any palm oil in your chocolates?

A resounding no! All our chocolates are made with 100% Cocoa butter. This helps us maintain the absolute best quality and ensure that we deliver silky, smooth and rich chocolate to you with no compromise in taste.

6. Where do you source your cacao beans from?

We source our cocoa beans from the southern parts of India - mainly Tamil Nadu and Kerala. We closely look into the processes these cocoa farms follow in harvesting cocoa pods and choose only the best from the varieties and the high quality cocoa beans they have to offer in all of India.