A Multi-Sensorial Journey Through Ziaho Chocolates

And its flavours across dark, milk and white chocolates.

With Ziaho chocolates, we welcome you to a saga where traditional Indian flavours meet world-class chocolate-making. And a journey where you can immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled decadence and flavour - where each bite is filled with joy and delight.

As passionate artisans, we meticulously craft chocolates and continuously push the boundaries of chocolate-making to create the best chocolates in India. Your ticket to scripting the Indian chocolate story with us is a finely crafted piece of chocolate, a unique blend of cocoa and signature Indian ingredients. And we invite you to this sensory odyssey as we delve into distinct taste profiles and captivating experiences offered by our diverse India-inspired chocolate flavours, curated for the discerning palate of the modern Indian.

Begin this journey by unsealing the chocolate bar. Notice the gloss and hue of the bar - hallmarks of a well-tempered chocolate. Take in the rich aroma of cocoa, spices and other indigenous ingredients and let it fill your senses. Feel the chocolate start to melt with the warmth of your fingers - a sign of premium craft chocolate. Listen to the satisfying snap when you break a piece, a dominant indicator of its perfect texture. And let the mood be set for that first bite where the chocolate melts smoothly over your palate and the textures and flavours start their performance. 

Delve into the depth of indulgence with our Dark Chocolates

For the daring connoisseur who craves an intense flavour expedition, our dark chocolate collection beckons with its bold allure. With cocoa sourced from the lush plantations of India, our dark chocolates boast an enigmatic complexity, characterised by deep cocoa notes and a tantalising hint of bitterness. Let the tart and the sweet notes of berries in our dark chocolate delight you; let the orange and candied ginger surprise you; let the jaggery plain dark chocolate give you pure joy. With 11 flavours in dark chocolate to entice your senses, give in to your indulgence.

Embrace the sweet bliss of our Milk Chocolates 

Experience the smooth creaminess of cocoa and a perfect balance of sweetness in our milk chocolates. Crafted with the finest cocoa beans and creamy milk solids sourced from Indian dairy farms, our milk chocolates captivate your palate with a velvety smoothness and delectable sweetness. From plain milk to dark milk, from mango and chilli to hazelnuts, give in to your senses and let the show unravel with each bite. Let the flavours of cocoa and the ingredients dance in complete harmony on your palate. 

Discover the sublime with our White Chocolates

Prepare to be captivated by the unexpected and the extraordinary as you explore the myriad flavours and textures of our exotic white chocolate offerings. Fashioned from the purest cocoa butter, journey through the tropics with our Pina Colada and the traditions of Maharashtra with our Modak. Relish the sweet strawberry and strawberry and indulge in the plain white coconut. Our range of white chocolates offer sweetness and ethereal texture and flavours for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

A well-made chocolate is like a symphony - each flavour note distinct yet harmoniously blended, and this is exactly what you experience in our range of exotic chocolates. The performance of our chocolates reaches its finale with the lingering aftertaste. The hallmark of a well-made chocolate is its finish - does the flavour escape swiftly, or does it linger for an encore, leaving your palate awash with its richness? You see, this isn't just about tasting chocolate, it's about experiencing an immersive sensory theatre that proudly presents the Indian chocolate story on the global stage - one delightful, high-quality bite at a time. 

How to enjoy dark chocolate?

Dark chocolates are complex, varied and packed with a range of aromas and flavours. It is a treat, an indulgence and an experience. If you truly wish to appreciate dark chocolate, then it is crucial that you understand how to make it an experience for yourself.

Before we get started, let’s understand a little more about dark chocolate. These chocolates have no milk compounds, which means that dark chocolate generally has a higher percentage of cocoa. The chocolates are hence comparatively bitter. However, dark chocolates are often paired with fruity flavours that create a balance between bitter and fruity. Some chocolates are even paired with nuts and salt to create a flavour profile that is bitter, nutty and balanced between sweet and salty. 

Have your dark chocolate at room temperature

The ideal temperature to enjoy dark chocolate is 24 - 26 degrees celsius. If your chocolate is in the fridge, then let it rest outside for some time before you plan to consume it. Additionally, cleanse your palate with a few sips of water before you consume the chocolate. This will allow you to experience all its flavour compounds, unadulterated.

Observe your chocolate

For a few seconds, hold the chocolate bar in your hand and observe its colour, its shine, its texture. A well tempered chocolate is smooth and shiny. Furthermore, observe the sound your chocolate makes when you break it. A good quality dark chocolate with higher amounts of cocoa will make a snap sound and generally break smoothly. 

Use all your senses

Smell the chocolate piece that you just snapped. Take a deep breath and sense the aroma of the dark chocolate. Chances are that by this time, the piece of chocolate will start to melt in your hands because of the body heat. That is just another sign of good dark chocolate. The little melt will only release more aromas and enhance the flavour of chocolate for you. 

The final act

Place a sizable bite of chocolate on your tongue. Do not chew it. Instead, push it against your palate and let it melt. Chewing may release bitter flavours, but allowing it to melt will release the cocoa butter that will allow the flavours to unfold in a more balanced way and mask the bitter notes. 

Pay attention to the symphony

A good dark chocolate in your mouth should melt smoothly and evenly. Pay attention to how the flavours unfold, what notes linger on, what notes pass by, how it coats your mouth. (We recommend closing your eyes and paying attention to this part like nobody’s watching )

Dark chocolates are generally subject to personal preference. Most of us taste the bitter notes first and that leaves an impression. If that has happened to you in the past, we absolutely understand. However, now that you have new knowledge about how you can make dark chocolate an experience for yourself, why don’t you give it another chance?

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Understanding the chocolate making process

We will create an infographic for this - the same as the chocolate process that is going to go on the wall of the retail space. Or, the same as the process that is on the chocolate packaging. 

Pairing chocolate with drinks

Chocolates, with their diverse range of flavours and textures are an indulgent experience. Nevertheless, these experiences can be elevated by pairing chocolates with an array of foods and / or drinks.

Chocolate pairings are an art and a science. Numerous connoisseurs, chefs, chocolate makers and other professionals work tirelessly to master this art and science. Perhaps we’ll explore that topic too. But to enable you to experience some of these phenomenal pairings, we have put together a list that we can vouch for.  

Wine and Chocolates

Chocolate and wine pairings are a classic. The ingredients of both are capable of enhancing each other's flavour profiles leading to an elevated experience. For instance, dark chocolates with higher cocoa content pair really well with wines that are robust such as a Zinfandel or a Cabernet Sauvignon. If you prefer lighter or fruity red wines like a Pinot Noir or Merlot, then you can pair them with milk chocolates that are sweeter and creamier. And if you’re a white chocolate lover, consider pairing it with a prosecco or a moscato. 

Coffee and Chocolates

Just like how robust wines go well with dark chocolates. A robust cup of black coffee goes really well with dark chocolates with higher cocoa content. The intensity of the chocolate pairs well with the bitterness of coffee, allowing you to create a varied, but elevated experience. 

Similarly, the milk chocolates pair well with coffees that have milk. Try pairing your milk chocolates with lattes or cappuccinos and notice how it enhances the sweetness of the chocolate. And if you are someone who enjoys flavoured coffee, then attempt a painting with white chocolate. For instance, try a hazelnut coffee with plain white chocolate.

Tea and Chocolates

If you’re an Indian who loves a ‘kadak’ masala chai, then try pairing your chai with flavoured dark chocolates or perhaps a dark milk chocolate. The ingredients of the chocolate will enhance the flavour of spices in your masala chai.

If you’re someone who enjoys black teas or fruity teas, then you may find your companion amongst the milk chocolates. And if you’re into lighter teas akin to white tea, then maybe pair it with a white chocolate. Attempt to create a delightful pairing that complements the flavour of white chocolate with the lighter notes of tea.

Whiskey and Chocolates

Pairing whiskey and chocolates can be tricky, but rewarding. It may require a slightly better understanding of flavour profiles to find the right match for you. However, here are a few suggestions that can help you get started. 

For all the smoky, peaty scotch whiskeys or single malts, consider dark chocolates that are paired with nuts, dried fruits or salt. If you’re a person who prefers milk chocolates, then you may find bourbons or smooth Irish whiskeys to be your ideal pairing. And if you drink whiskeys with slightly spicy notes, like a rye whiskey, then pair it with dark chocolates that are flavoured with spices like cinnamon, ginger or perhaps even nuts. 

There is no right or wrong

Chocolate pairings are a matter of personal preference. It may take a little bit of trial and error to find what pairing works for you, but when you do, you may never want to let it go. Because doing so will not only help you find the right companion for your drink or your chocolate, it will also elevate your experience of pure indulgence. 

Find the right chocolate for your drink. Browse Ziaho’s range of dark, milk and white chocolates.